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A study on the fishing communities in Da Nang city with special focus on assessing local assets and resources to improve their livelihoods in response to rapid urbanization

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Da Nang is known as the largest and most dynamic city in the central region of Vietnam, where processes of urbanization have been occurring at a much higher rate than the rest of the country. For a long time, economic growth has been considered as an essential measure for Danang's economic prosperity and city development. However, in this type of development, the city has underestimated the value ​​and potential contributions of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, such as local fishing villages. 



In the context of urbanization, DaNang's fishing villages are seen as challenges that the city needs to address in terms of livelihoods, poverty reduction, and the preservation of local identity. In contrast, they are rarely seen as a prosperous asset adding to other rapid urban development processes in the city.  


This project focuses on assessing the assets and resources of local fishing villages, assessing the internal strengths of the community. Building on community data from 16 villages; the project aims to strengthen and empower the fishing communities' connections to and affirm their contributions, roles and value to understanding the sustainable and prosperous development they can add to Danang City. 



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Danang significant fishing villages' livelihood

Each of these posters presents the outstanding features of culture, society and life of fishermen across the fishing villages of Da Nang. These posters were first presented in a fishing village workshop and thereafter in study tours and exchange trip to introduce some of the significant fishing village culture of Da Nang to other localities and communities



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A look into the daily lives of fisher-folk in Da Nang communities 

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