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KNOW City Report - Da Nang 
Da Nang Fishing Villages: Preserving cultural heritages to improve livelihoods in response to rapid urbanisation 

By Phan Tran Kieu Trang, Vo Ho Bao Hanh, Chu Manh Trinh, Le Thi An Phung, Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung

Da Nang is urbanising rapidly, and along with the overall improvements that economic growth has brought into its residents’ lives, it has sharpened inequalities. The city’s coast has been occupied by quiet clusters of fishing villages for hundreds of years, yet pressure for services and tourism development has pushed these villages further from the sea. In addition, measures for the modernisation of the fishing sector have restricted near-shore fishing, devastating the livelihoods of many of the remaining fisher households. These transformations have disrupted the social networks of the fishing communities, impacted their access to land, housing, and, not least, the sea, and threatened the preservation of significant cultural, social, material, and natural assets. Against this backdrop, this research aims to document the tangible and intangible heritages of the fishing villages and consolidate an archive of their integral role in Da Nang’s development. Drawing from the experience of a regional network that has been engaging in community-based tourism, the research explores possibilities for Da Nang’s communities to get involved in similar activities that would secure them a better livelihood while preserving and celebrating their heritage, culture, and resources.

Suggested citation: 

Phan Tran Kieu Trang, Vo Ho Bao Hanh, Chu Manh Trinh, Le Thi An Phung, Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung (2022). Da Nang fishing villages: preserving cultural heritages to improve the livelihood in response to rapid urbanization. Da Nang: Da Nang Architecture University.

Contact: Phan Tran Kieu Trang <>

Archi Heritages_Cover.png

Architecture Heritages of Da Nang Fishing Villages

By CELC-DAU & Da Nang Architecture University

This non-academic publication forms an appendix to the above report. It is an output compiled by CELC-DAU together with lecturers and students of Da Nang Architecture University as part of KNOW.


In this book, collected data on selected religious sites of fishing villages are documented through photos and technical drawings, and complemented with additional information about their history, restoration records, and assessments of their architectural value and landscape.

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