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KNOW Annual workshop 2020

Bengaluru, India 

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the 3rd know annual workshop

Bengaluru, India  |  19 – 22 January 2020

What are we learning about urban equality? The importance of justice and care, building on grounded definitions, and collective learning. 

Read now, reflection from the third KNOW Annual Workshop from WP4 Research Fellow, Stephanie Butcher. 

Left: Postcards from the KNOW Annual Workshop 2020

Workshop overview

Bengaluru, India  |  19 – 22 January 2020


Above: KNOW Investigators at IIHS for the 2020 Annual Workshop

Each year, the KNOW team meets in one

of our partner cities to discuss, share, and

co-develop the future of the project.


The third of our annual workshop was held in Bengaluru, India in close partnership with our Asia Regional Partner, The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). 

This year, the workshop followed directly on from the IIHS  Urban Arc "Equal Cities" conference, where KNOW Investigators presented current research papers from across the project. These presentations led directly into three days of team discussions with a focus on the question:

What are we learning about urban equality? 


​The team also convened to take stock of where the project has come and where it is going over the next two years. Time was spent reviewing schedules, sharing ideas, strengthening partnerships, and planing for the year ahead. 

Read reflections from the third KNOW Annual Workshop by WP4 Research Fellow, Stephanie Butcher

know at urban arc 2020 | Equal cities

IIHS Annual Research Conference  |  16 – 18 January 2020

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As part of the fourth edition of the Annual Research Conference of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Urban ARC, KNOW Investigators played a core role in presenting 24 papers across six themed panels aimed at exploring and sharing learnings from the KNOW Project. 

This years conference, Equal Cities, focused on the conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding around notions of equality and equity in the context of a rapidly urbanising world, for which KNOW is exploring through its 6 Work Packages and city partnerships

KNOW Panels

The KNOW programme participated across six panels in the UrbanARC 2020 conference, presenting an opportunity to share interim findings from the project to a wide international audience.

Above: Postcards from Urban ARC Equal Cities 2020

KNOW Investigators presented across the following panels: 

Panel 1 | Thursday 16 January 11:30 IST

Understanding and managing urban risk: a critical exploration of the links between resilience and urban equality

Panel 2 | Thursday 16 January 14:30 IST

Reframing and operationalising notions of prosperity and extreme poverty to address urban equality

Panel 3 | Friday 17 January 09:30 IST

Taking people driven responses to urban inequality to scale: opportunities and challenges

Panel 4 | Friday 17 January 14:30 IST

Translocal pedagogies for urban equality

Panel 5 | Saturday 18 January 09:30 IST

Building pathways to urban equality: Reflections on knowledge translation, learning and impact

Panel 6 | Saturday 18 January 14:30 IST

The Ethics of Research Practice that contributes to urban equality through co-production

watch now

If you would like to watch any of the above panels, the entire Urban ARC Conference is available to watch on the IIHS YouTube channel  

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