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Work Package 6

expanding uk oda research capacity 


The aim of Work Package 6 is to expand UK ODA research capacity in the field of urban equality, by taking stock of the current knowledge base and research capacities.

Working with higher education institutions to support a long-term agenda of action for urban equality. 

In 2015 the UK enshrined into law its commitment to spend 0.7% of its gross national income on Official Development Assistance (International Aid). How this money is spent is informed by both research and political processes. Work Package 6 aims firstly to map the UK’s existing ODA research capacity relating to urban equality. And secondly it aims to build the capacity 



WP6 about
wp6 team

Lead Co-Investigator WP6

Bartlett DPU, UCL

Research Fellow WP6; Research Fellow for Extreme Poverty WP2

Bartlett DPU, UCL

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