stories, response, mobilisation 

Nakhon Sawan Response
The Community Development Network reflect on its collective actions to support the COVID-19 relief effort
World Development Volume 140
Mobilising urban knowledge in an infodemic. Acuto & Butcher
Open Health Journal
Fighting COVID-19 in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Reflections on COVID-19 in Cities
Connecting Extreme Poverty, Resilience, and Prosperity (Blog from WP2 investigators)
Poverty, COVID-19 & trade-offs
Everyday life in Hanna Nassif, Dar es Salaam (Blog post from Ardhi University investigators)
Thinking about COVID-19 Relief and Recovery in India
Blog post By Ruchika Lall (WP5 researcher, IIHS)
Working remotely – working collaboratively
(blog post from KNOW & SLURC investigators)
Re-inventing planning
without re-inventing the wheel (blog post from KNOW & SLURC investigators)
Remote pedagogies for social learning
By Julia Wesely and Adriana Allen (blog and webinar exerts)
Ollas Contra el Hambre
'Pots against Hunger' Soup Kitchens, in Lima
Lima & COVID-19
Rising Inequalities & the Need for Sustained Solidarity (video presentation)
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction - Allan Lavell on C19
UN Chronicle
Harnessing Urbanization to Accelerate SDG Implementation in a Post-COVID-19 World, Aromar Revi
Co-production & food security
in Lima - (Mobile/WhatsApp friendly app) en español
Voices from Havana
The Cuban experience of the COVID crisis (blog & podcast)
Urbanismo: #Lima
(En Español) Lima después de la pandemia (blog)
TV Cultural News (Cuba)
Carmen Gómez Pozo sharing visions for a friendly city on International Day of the Elderly. (en español)
Arkom Indonesia video
Economic turbulence and resilience in the community during COVID-19
Arkom Indonesia video
Economic impacts of COVID-19 on local communities
Arkom Indonesia video
(Teaser) Reporting community resilience on economy condition in COVID-19 Pandemic
#VocesDelHábitat (español)
Diverse and different, not unequal - HIC Podcast on epistemic justice in times of COVID-19 with Adriana Allen
#VocesDelHábitat (español)
HIC Podcast on epistemic justice in times of COVID-19 with Catalina Ortiz
Environment & Urbanization
Mapping repertoires of collective action facing the COVID-19 pandemic in informal settlements in Latin American cities
Who are cities designed to serve?
Article in 'The Conversation' by WP2 Co-Investigator Colin McFarlane
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