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Innovative waste economies for inclusive urban development 

city project

In Kampala the Makerere team is exploring demonstrable strategies for the transformation of waste management in the city at a local level.  The study will take place in densely populated middle- and low-income neighbourhoods in Kampala, looking at community led initiatives such as the co-production of fuel briquettes from organic waste as means of developing innovative waste economies. 


Across three local settlements, the team is working closely with community groups and organisations to investigate and assess the possibilities for developing demonstrable strategies for the transformation of waste management in the city. 

Capacity building is central to the project as an overarching theme. This focuses on the process of scaling up business enterprises which could benefit the urban poor, along with reducing communities’ indirect costs associated with existing waste management practices. The team are also investigating how knowledge co-production and knowledge sharing between local actors can be used as a means to pave the way to policy change, institutionalising local enterprise solutions in waste management. 



Final Workshop
KAMPALA city exhibition
National Urban KNOW Workshop

Friday 21 January 2022

The Urban Action Lab, Makerere University, held a hybrid workshop to showcase and leverage their micro-finance briquette making community groups.


The main workshop aims included:

  1. To create awareness and visibility of the four-year Urban-KNOW Kampala Project to key stakeholders in the academia, NGOs, Policy makers, community groups and members involved in regenerative waste economies;

  2. To exhibit the work, research and physical outputs from the various briquette-making community groups (find out them in this blog

  3. To leverage the event as entry point to deepen policy discussions with the different stakeholders on waste to energy; 

  4. To foster effective and interdisciplinary interactions and partnerships among researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers.


Photos from the workshop

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A window into the briquette-making process with the Kamu Kamu Development Community Organisation

These seminars for part of the KNOW final conference 

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‘Citizenship collaborations for long term urban sustainability: Lessons from Kampala KNOW’

Hafisa Namuli (Makerere University, Kampala)

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Understanding the impact of shocks, poverty and inequality in Kampala​​

Judith Mbabazi (Urban Action Lab Makerere University) 

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Kampala Gallery