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nakhon sawan

Reflecting on and investigating the Community Organisation Network of Nakhon Sawan. 

city project

Low-income people have the potential and ability to transform their own lives and communities when they are afforded the right opportunities. This can be seen in the 28 year long-running Baan Mankong Community (BMC) Housing Programme, in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Our project aims to synthesise the knowledge from this long-term programme in order to better understand its impact on the different dimensions of reducing inequality and co-creating a just city. 



Working closely with the Nakhon Sawan Community Development Network, 31 existing BMC communities, and 20 communities proposed for BMC style upgrades, we will analyse the current and potential impact of BMC projects in Nakhon Sawan. We aim to gain a better understanding of how these types of programmes have evolved, the extent to which they have changed and impacted the lives of participants, what knowledge has been gained, and how successful methodologies can be scaled up to influence housing policy at a municipal level. We focus on action research led by the community as a tool for community-network mobilisation. 


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Learning City-wide Baan Mankong Housing Program

Nakhon Sawan Thailand

(short film, available via Youtube, Community Act Network)

 The power of the network: Nakhon Sawan Community Development Network, Thailand

(short film, available via Youtube)

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Community-led response to COVID-19  

(short film, available via Vimeo)

Scaling up the community development network (Nakhon Sawan team at UrbanARC 2020

nakhon sawan team
Supreeya Wungpatcharapon

City team, Nakhon Sawan 

Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University 

Nimanong Jansuksri

City team, Nakhon Sawan 

Community Network

Youth Leader

Ruangyuth Teeravanich

City team, Nakhon Sawan

Community Organisations Development Institute (CODI)

nakhon sawan PARTNERs
Kasetsart Uni.jpeg

Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University 

CODI thailand.jpeg

Community Organisations Development Institute

And local affiliations

- Nakhon Sawan Community Development Network

- Municipality of Nakhon Sawan


- CAN Thailand

- Provincial Housing Committee

- Ministry of Social Development & Human Security

- Dept. of Public Works and Town & Country Planning

- National Health Assembly

- Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University

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