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Practitioner Brief #3: Urban Health: From Local Community Action to a Healthy Freetown 

Published by the City Learning Platform, Freetown

In early February 2020, when the magnitude of the threat of COVID-19 was still distant for most of the world, the Freetown City Learning Platform (CiLP) held a meeting on the topic of “Urban health: from local community action to a healthy Freetown”, in which representatives from a range of stakeholders and urban communities met to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to health questions in the capital city of Sierra Leone. This third Practitioner Brief reflects some of the lessons and key messages emerged from that experience, seeking to document the discussion which emerged and reach wider audiences.

The concept, content and edition of this brief were developed by SLURC co-directors Andrea Klingel, Braima M. Koroma, and Joseph M. Macarthy, Research Officer Abu Conteh and Junior Researcher Mary Sirah Kamara; KNOW Research Fellows Stephanie Butcher and Camila Cociña, and KNOW Co-Investigator Alexandre Apsan Frediani. The first draft of the content of this Practitioner Brief was reviewed and commented by Annie Wilkinson and Haja Ramatulai Wurie.

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Suggested citations: City Learning Platform (2020). Practitioner Brief #3: Urban Health: From Local Community Action to a Healthy Freetown. Practitioner Brief #3. Freetown: Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre.

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