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Practitioner Brief #2: Community Livelihoods Opportunities 

Published by the City Learning Platform, Freetown

This second Practitioner Brief focuses on one of the main priorities to improve the quality of life in informal settlements in the city of Freetown: community livelihoods opportunities. What do we know about community livelihoods opportunities in Freetown? What are the challenges, and what kinds of support can improve community livelihoods opportunities? What can different actors do? These are the questions that this document seeks to address, outlining concrete ideas to support livelihoods in Freetown’s informal settlements.


The content of this second Practitioner Brief emerged from discussions held during the CiLP meeting on September 2019. The concept, content and edition of this brief were developed by SLURC co-directors Andrea Klingel, Braima M. Koroma, and Joseph M. Macarthy, KNOW Research Fellows Stephanie Butcher and Camila Cociña, and KNOW Co-Investigator Alexandre Apsan Frediani. Layout developed by KNOW.

Suggested citations: City Learning Platform (2020). Practitioner Brief #2: Community Livelihoods Opportunities. Practitioner Brief #2. Freetown: Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre.

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