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Practitioner Brief #1:
Principles of Engagement for the City Learning Platform 

Published by the City Learning Platform, Freetown

This first Practitioner Brief has been produced based on the discussions and agreements that took place during the Freetown City Learning Platform (CiLP) meeting in August 2019. This first brief, along with setting the base of the Platform’s scope and operation, provides what we have called ‘Principles of Engagement’, seeking to outline the underlying motivations for the City Learning Platform in building an inclusive and transformative Freetown, with special attention to engaging participatory and sustained engagement with informal settlement residents.


The concept, content and edition of this brief were developed by SLURC co-directors Andrea Klingel, Braima M. Koroma, and Joseph M. Macarthy, KNOW Research Fellows Stephanie Butcher and Camila Cociña, and KNOW Co-Investigator Alexandre Apsan Frediani. Layout developed by KNOW.

Suggested citations: City Learning Platform (2019). Practitioner Brief #1: Principles of Engagement for the City Learning Platform. Practitioner Brief #1. Freetown: Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre.


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