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constructing an ethics lexicon 

What does ethics mean to you? 

By Jane Rendell & Yael Padan 

Constructing a lexicon

As part of Work Package 3: Ethics of Research Practice, Professor Jane Rendell and Dr Yael Padan are devising a toolkit comprising of various guidelines, protocols, and exercises to run the workshop
‘Ethics in Colour: Co-constructing a Lexicon’.


The workshop was first tested as part of the KNOW Annual Workshop with participants from across the KNOW project, in Havana, Cuba, in February 2019, and subsequently used as part of a RELIEF workshop by the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL, in Lebanon in March 2019.  during the second KNOW Workshop in Havana (February 2019), we asked all KNOW collaborators the question ‘What does ethics mean to you?’.

Their responses are presented in the grid below. Edited by Ulrikke Andersen, 2019