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Exploring sanitation, land use development and inequalities in Dar es Salaam: selected studies on informal settlement

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Working in selected informal settlements across Dar es Salaam, the two KNOW City Partners,  the Centre for Community Initiatives, Tanzania (CCI), and Ardhi University, are  examining and operationalising the role of knowledge co-production as a means to  building resilience and pathways for prosperity in low income settlements in the city. 



The Ardhi University research team are basing their investigations around the three pillars of governance, poverty, and infrastructure services particularly in two low income settlements, Hanna Nassif and Sandali


They are exploring the equity impact on two low income communities of previous government-led donor supported urban upgrading projects, including land use management, infrastructure investment, livelihood support, and community participation. 

At CCI, the team are developing knowledge and action co-production pathways for building resilience and urban equality with a focus on sanitation, solid waste management and risk reduction. They are also developing a community-led Prosperity Index. These activities will support the development of  local learning hubs in the settlement of Vingunguti, and an urban learning hub with communities, academics and government officers from the municipality and a range of departments and utilities across the city and beyond. 



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Towards urban equality and prosperity in low income settlements:
Knowledge and Partnerships for Policy and Action

Thursday 20 January 

Ardhi University & Centre for Community Initiatives, Tanzania (CCI)

Brining together and sharing with key stakeholders to share and reflect upon issues emanating from the two research components undertaken over the last four years by Dar es Salaam KNOW City Partners


Poster Presentation

Programme videos 

CCI Community Voices - Ndlie

CCI Community Voices - Sakina

CCI Resilience Pathways

Knowledge Co-production in Enhancing Urban Equality: Goba Settlement, Dar es Salaam

Knowledge Co-production for Enhancing Urban Equality: Hana Nassif, Dar es Salaam

Photos from the workshop | 20 January 2022

These seminars for part of the KNOW final conference 

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Sanitation (in)equalities in Dar es Salaam: Simplified sewerage systems as an infrastructural proposition 

Dr Christopher Yap (City University), Prof Colin McFarlane (Durham University), Tim Ndezi (Centre for Community Initiatives, Tanzania - CCI), and Festo D Makoba (CCI)

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Co-producing knowledge to address disaster risks in informal settlements in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: trajectories toward urban equality

Prof Cassidy Johnson (DPU, UCL), Dr Emmanuel Osuteye (DPU, UCL), Tim Ndezi (CCI) & Festo D Makoba (CCI)

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Transformative Pathways to Equality: Women’s Experiences in Participatory Upgrading of Basic Infrastructure in Informal Settlements

Dr Tatu Mtwangi-Limbumba, (Ardhi University) 

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Livelihood security as the foundation of prosperity: lessons from community-led research in Dar es Salaam

Dr Saffron Woodcraft, (IGP, UCL),  Festo D Makoba, (CCI Tanzania)

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Exploring the make-up of local resources for partnerships in urban governance

Prof Wilbard Kombe, Prof Alphonce Kyessi, Dr Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba (Ardhi University)

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How co-production impacts on the trajectories to urban equality: Lessons from Dar es Salaam

Prof Wilbard Kombe, Prof Alphonce Kyessi, and Dr Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba (Ardhi University) 

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A report from research examining the relationship between sanitation inequality and poverty in the informal settlement of Mji Mpya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Read now (KNOW Policy Paper)