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Aromar Revi

Lead Co-Investigator WP5

Multiplying Translocal Learning in Higher Education | Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS)

I am the Director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), KNOW's regional partner for India and also a Co-Investigator for KNOW Work Package 5, Multiplying Translocal Learning in Higher Education.

I am an international practitioner, consultant, researcher and educator with over thirty years of inter-disciplinary experience in public policy and governance, the political economy of reform, development, technology, sustainability, and human settlements.

Currently, I am a member of the Leadership Council of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), and co-chair of its Urban thematic group, where I led a global campaign for an urban Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). I am one of South Asia’s leading experts on global environmental change, climate adaptation, and mitigation, through which I have made significant contributions to human settlements development in India.

I am an alumnus of IIT-Delhi, the Law and Management schools of the University of Delhi and the Editor of the interdisciplinary international journal Urbanisation (Sage).

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