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Emmanuel Osuteye

Research Fellow WP1

City Knowledge Co-Production | The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL

I am an environmental, social, and legal researcher with a personal and professional passion for sustainable development research and practice.

My research interests and work in recent projects includes the DFID/ESRC Urban Africa Risk Knowledge project that focused on studying the counter-hegemonic activity of indigenous African environmental movements to influence policy; the governance, policy and institutional aspects of risk and disaster management in low-income urban centres; urban resilience, poverty reduction and community-based interventions; and participatory processes for community capacity-building.

I have significant in-country research experience in a number of African countries including Ghana, Benin, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi, and The Gambia working closely with community groups, local researchers and higher education institutions, and various decision-makers to explore innovative approaches to collaborative learning about urbanisation processes.

My work in the KNOW project focuses on city knowledge co-production, exploring new forms of multidisciplinary learning that helps our understanding of extreme poverty, resilience, and prosperity in the selected project cities and demonstrates the potential of the ‘knowledge in action’ approach.

Since November 2015, I have been a researcher at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL. Prior to which I taught Environment and Policy modules at Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Kent. I hold an LLM in Environmental law and Policy, and a PhD in Environmental Social Science, both from the University of Kent.

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