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Catalina Ortiz

Co-Investigator WP1

City Knowledge Co-Production | The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL

I am a Co-Investigator in Work Package 1, devoted to City Knowledge Co-Production. I will be focusing on unraveling emergent community-led strategies of spatialisation of urban equality.

In addition, I will be facilitating processes of capacity building for knowledge co-production as well as working closely with colleagues in Latin American cities on supporting the development of their projects.

I am an architect and urbanist interested in the negotiated co-production of space in the global South. I hold a PhD in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois in Chicago (Fulbright scholar) and a Master's in Urban and Regional Studies from the National University of Colombia.

I am also a lecturer and co-director of the MSc programme in Building and Urban Design in Development at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL.

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