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Urban Inequality and COVID-19: 
The Crisis at the Heart of the Pandemic 

Sage Journal, IIHS Urbanisation Special Issue. Vol 7, Iss 1. May 2022 

Guest Editors: Caren Levy, Emmanuel Osuteye, Geetika Anand

About the Special Issue 

This special issue draws on the research and capacity building done across 12 cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, working together within the KNOW programme. It brings together a collaborative, interdisciplinary and international team of 13 partners in the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australia to develop innovative long-term programmes of knowledge co-production for urban equality among governments, communities and academia. The impact of the pandemic, though different in each of the KNOW work streams and partner locations, profoundly changed the methods of doing research and capacity building. In many cases, it also changed the focus of knowledge production itself, as new needs arose and were identified by community partners in facing the crisis. The experiences documented and analysed in this special issue speak to the knowledge and information generated across the KNOW programmes and the local and regional networks of KNOW research partners over this period in dialogue with others.

Contributions from the KNOW team include: 


Urban Inequality and COVID-19: The Crisis at the Heart of the Pandemic

By Caren Levy, Emmanuel Osuteye and Geetika Anand


Sustaining Community-Based Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Learning Platforms at Work in Freetown, Sierra Leone

By Briama Koroma, Joseph Mustapha Macarthy, Abu Conteh, and Emmanuel Osuteye 

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 Partial Lockdown in Tanzania: Grassroots Responses in Low-Income Communities in Dar es Salaam

By Wilbard Kombe, Alphonce G. Kyessi, Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba, and Emmanuel Osuteye  

Collective Infrastructures of Care: Ollas Comunes Defying Food Insecurity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Belén Desmaison, Kelly Jaime, Paola Córdova, Lia Alarcón, and Luciana Gallardo

Multi-hazard Risk Configurations: A Search for Common Patterns in Three Latin American Cities During COVID-19

By Allan Lavell, Angel Chávez, Cinthya Barros, Gustavo Jimenez, Marina Martinez, and Celene B. Milanes


How Do We Learn Now? Pluralising Urban Pedagogies in the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Julia Wesely, Ruchika Lall, Nandini Dutta, Geetika Anand, and Adriana Allen


Research Ethics, Urban Equality and the Role of University in Pandemic Times: Reflections from Havana

By Joiselén Cazanave-Macías, Jorge Peña-Díaz, Camila Cociña and Yael Padan  


How Social Infrastructures of Care and Solidarity Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Reflection from Community Networks of the Baan Mankong Programme in Thailand

By Supreeya Wungpatcharapon and Brenda Pérez-Castro


In and Out of Focus: An Urban Lens on COVID-19 in the Global South

By David Heymann


Three Questions: Amlanjyoti Goswami with Martín Espada

By Martín Espada

Suggested citations: Levy, C; Osuteye, E; Anand, G (May 2022). Special Issue: Urban Inequality and COVID-19: The Crisis at the Heart of the Pandemic. Urbanisation, Vol. 7, Iss 1.

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