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Saffron Woodcraft

Research Fellow for Prosperity, WP2
Comparative Inquiry for Urban Equality 

UCL Institute for Global Prosperity  


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My role on the KNOW project is to examine how local understandings of sustainable prosperity are experienced, shared, connected, and contested by different groups in different cities and embedded in urban governance and spatial practices.  


I am part of the WP2 team working on comparative studies of urban equality in relation to situated understandings and experiences of extreme poverty, resilience, and prosperity. We will be working to connect city-based research to contemporary debates on global urbanism.


I am an anthropologist with a long-term interest in exploring how participatory research with communities can bring lived- experience into urban policymaking on housing and regeneration.


I am a Senior Research Fellow at UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity where I focus on developing new prosperity metrics based on research with communities and citizen scientists in east London and working with the London Prosperity Board to change the way decision-makers think and act for sustainable prosperity.

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