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PlanLima in Action

On September 13, PUCP (Pontifica Universidad Católica Del Perú), CIAC (Centro de Investigación de la Arquitectura y la Ciudadand), and KNOW (Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality), joined forces to envisage a future plan for Lima towards a liveable, sustainable and inclusive city.

The PLANLIMA Seminar proposed to debate and put on the agenda the urgent need for an urban plan for the Peruvian capital. For this, the seminar sought to contribute from the academic sector to build a political agreement that takes seriously and in a sustained manner this vital commitment for the city.

This agreement promotes the collaborative and inter-institutional generation of a plan that will allow advances in the construction of a safe, participatory, and resilient city. A plan that transforms the mobility from an act of daily violence into an expression of coexistence and mutual respect, starting with pedestrians. A road map that revalues ​​the role of Lima as a city proud of its remarkable built and cultural heritage. A sustainable and harmonious city with its territory, a friendly city with the environment, and a city that encourages the full development of its inhabitants.

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