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Teddy Kisembo

Research Team, Urban Action Innovation Lab, Geography Department Makerere University

Kampala, Uganda

I am a researcher at the Urban Action Lab based within the Geography Department at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda and researcher for KNOW Kampala team.

My main interests are in cities, environment, climate change, urban governance and sustainable development. I have a background in urban planning, with a masters in Land Use and Regional Development. My thesis work was focused on flood risk assessment: flood risk induced relocation and resettlement in Kampala Natete.

I have been engaged in of a number of research projects from climate change induced relocation and resettlement, to spatial planning updating the 'Kampala Land Use Map', in 2012. I've also engaged widely in energy and greenhouse emissions research and adaptability to climate change in the Niger and Ganges regions. In Kampala, my research has focused on urban resilience and the possibilities of transitioning to more sustainable futures, refugees access to health and infrastructure services, and understanding spatial inequality in times of urban transition. I've also explored complex land markets, housing investment chronicles, and urban markets and the humanitarian crisis among refugees in Uganda.

Along side my work with KNOW, I am also a member of the Habitat University (UNI) Climate Change Hub.

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