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Shuaib Lwasa

City Partner Lead, Urban Action Innovation Lab, Geography Department Makerere University

Kampala, Uganda

I am the KNOW City partner for Kampala, Uganda, based at the Urban Innovation Lab Geography Department at Makerere University.

My main interests are in urban geography, spatial planning, landscape ecology, climate change, and urban health. I also have key interests in the adaptation and resilience of cities to climate change and disaster risk reduction, along with urban sustainability and how it links to livelihood systems.

My research focuses on cities and climate change adaptation, health impacts of climate change, land and property rights, land use and landscape ecology, resource efficiency and spatial planning for sustainability. I coordinate the Habitat University climate change and disaster Hub and also serve on the Science steering committee of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR). I am Lead Author for the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report and part of the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) of Future Earth.

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