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Julia Wesely

Research Fellow WP5

Multiplying Translocal 
Learning in Higher

Bartlett DPU, UCL


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In my role as a Research Fellow in Work Package 5 of the KNOW project, I focus on research and capacity-building for multiplying translocal learning in higher education, which enables current and future urban planners to address inequalities in cities of the global South.


I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a BSc in Environment and Natural Resource Management from the University of Applied Life Sciences in Vienna and a MSc in Ecosystems, Governance and Globalisation from Stockholm University.


My work at Austrian and Swiss research institutes focused on local governance, disaster and risk management and the role of collaborations and participatory processes in achieving sustainable, just and climate-compatible development.


My PhD studies at the Development Planning Unit explored these issues in the Colombian city of Manizales, where the management of a spectrum of risks has become a conditioning and strategic factor of urban development. The analysis of Manizales indicated the potential and caveats of learning from so-called flagship and good-practice cities, and the need for a critical perspective to better understand the enabling environment that allowed local alliances to create, share and test knowledge and practices in the fields of urban risk and development.


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