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International Engagement Brief #2:
Localising the Sustainable Development Goals: An Urban Equality Perspective 

By Stephanie Butcher, Camila Cociña, Christopher Yap, and Caren Levy 

This brief outlines the case for the adoption of an urban equality lens to orient decision-making through localisation processes. The authors ground their understanding in a multi-dimensional and relational concept of ‘urban equality’, reflecting interrelated dimensions of: distribution, recognition, parity of participation, and solidarity and mutual care. 

Drawing on grounded examples of research and practice across a range of cities in KNOW, this brief outlines three opportunities in the adoption of an urban equality lens: as a way to maximise positive synergies across the goals and targets; to deepen engagement with local specificity and aspirations; and to re-orient local and global processes towards truly inclusive outcomes. This brief concludes by setting out four principles to support the operationalisation of an urban equality lens through the SDGs. 

This work has been collaboratively produced between Work Package 2 and Work Package 4 of the KNOW programme, focused on understanding how key global aspirations of resilience, poverty, and prosperity can be pursued through an urban equality lens, and localised through the SDGs. Through the generation of actionable knowledge, the KNOW programme seeks to contribute to a number of SDG goals. 

Suggested citations: Butcher, S., Cociña, C., Yap, C. and Levy, C. (2021). Localising the Sustainable Development Goals: An Urban Equality Perspective. International Engagement Brief #2. London: Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit. 


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