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GOLD VI report

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Pathways to Urban and Territorial Equality 

The sixth edition of the GOLD report, “Pathways to Urban and Territorial Equality: Addressing inequalities through local transformation strategies”, was produced by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and part of the KNOW team.


GOLD VI focuses on how local and regional governments can address the local manifestations of growing inequalities and contribute to creating ‘pathways to urban and territorial equality’, discussing six distinctive pathways: Commoning, Caring, Connecting, Renaturing, Prospering and Democratizing. 

The GOLD VI Report was produced through a large-scale international co-production process, bringing together over a hundred representatives of local and regional governments, academics and civil society organisations, including KNOW partners. This process three-year process involved the following participants and organisations (click the below image to enlarge):


GOLD VI Launch Event

GOLD VI was launched in October 2022 at the UCLG World Summit and Congress in Daejeon, South Korea, the largest global gathering of local and regional government representatives.

The official launch of GOLD VI in Daejeon

Above: The official launch of GOLD VI in Daejeon

View more images from the launch in the gallery below

GOLD VI Full Report 

You can download the Full Report, the individual chapters, the Executive Summaries, and the “Working Paper series and Cases Repository” (which were produced during the co-production process) here:


You can explore more about the GOLD VI Working Paper series below.

Working Paper Series

The GOLD VI Working Paper Series represents one of the outcomes of this large-scale international co-production process is the GOLD VI Working Paper Series, which collects the 22 Issue-Based Contributions produced as part of the GOLD VI process. Read more about this process here.

GOLD VI Working Papers 

WP1- cover.png


The Urban Dimensions of Inequality and Equality

By Christopher Yap, Caren Levy and Camila Cociña

Read now



Enabling access to quality local public services for all: a precondition to beat inequality

By Daria Cibrario (PSI) and Vera Weghmann (Greenwich University)

Read now



Socio-spatial inequality and local educational action in the construction of caring cities

By Xavier Bonal, Yayo Herrero, Marina Canals, Mª Ángeles Cabeza and
Aina Masgoret (AICE)

Read now



Space-Blind and Place-Based Policy: Initiatives for Fostering Innovation and Growth

By Philip McCann

Read now



The Urban Informal Economy: Achieving Prospering and Territorial Equality

By Caroline Skinner and Marty Chen (WIEGO)

Read now



The right to participate in urban cultural life: from inequalities to equity

By Nicolás Barbieri

Read now



The State of inequalities in Sub-Saharan African and Asian cities

By Wilbard J. Kombe, Neethi P., Keerthana Jagadeesh and Athira Raj

Read now



Disability, Care, and the City

By Julian Walker

Read now



Inequalities in Everyday Urban Mobility

By Tim Schwanen

Read now



 Sustainable Energy Access in Urban Areas

By Modesta Tochi Alozie, Vanesa Castán Broto, Patty Romero-Lankao, Pedro Henrique Campello Torres and Matteo Muratori

Read now

WP11-gold cover.png


Conceptualising and measuring prosperity

By Henrietta L. Moore and Saffron Woodcraft

Read now

WP12 cover.png


Democratising pathways for equality in Latin America

By Catalina Ortiz

Read now

WP12 cover.png


The Differential Economic Geography of Regional and Urban Growth and Prosperity in Industrialised Countries

By Philip McCann

Read now



Defining and discussing the notion of commoning

By Alessio Kolioulis

Read now



Housing systems and urban and territorial inequalities: Bottom-up pathways to more equality-driven housing systems

By Eduard Cabré and Sophia Torres

Read now



Cities can care for people and enable them to care for others, making urban health possible

By Francisco Obando and Michael Keith

Read now



“Sanctuary Cities”: How Do Cities Care for Newcomers? An Overview of Inclusive Local Responses to Migration

By Alia Fakhry

Read now



Democracy in cities and territories

By Laura Roth

Read now

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