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Joseph Macarthy

City Partner Lead, SLURC

Freetown, Sierra Leone

I am one of the KNOW Research Leads for Freetown where SLURC is implementing a programme entitled, 'City-wide learning platform in planning equitable urban development in Freetown'.

I hold a PhD in Urban Planning and Management from Newcastle University (UK). Trained and qualified as an urban planner, I specialise in management and urban planning for climate change adaptation. Apart from lecturing at Njala University, I also Co-direct the Comic Relief and DFID funded Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC).

My research interest is centred around urban planning, housing, urban vulnerability and public policy. I have co-authored a number of research articles including: “Understanding Freetown’s Urban Development” (2017) and “Towards Meeting the Knowledge and Capacity Building Gaps for Equitable Urban Development in Freetown” (2016).

Outside of the university, I have held a number of managerial positions with valuable experiences to bring to the KNOW project. These include serving as a local consultant to the EU-funded Urban Planning Project for Freetown (in 2013), as well as providing volunteer service to the UNDP as a member of the National Steering Committee (NSC) of the Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Sierra Leone.

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