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Braima Koroma

City Partner Lead, SLURC

Freetown, Sierra Leone

I am one of the city lead partner researchers for Freetown as part of KNOW Work Package 1, City Knowledge Co-Production.

I am an environmental management and sustainable development specialist at the Institute of Geography and Development Studies, School of Environmental Sciences, Njala University, where I teach at both the BSC and MSc/MA level.

My key areas of research interests include livelihoods and the city economy, resilience, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change. I also have an interest in urban planning and development, environmental management, and development impact evaluation.

I hold over 12 years’ experience in research, training, and facilitation. I’ve consulted for projects on a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary research to examine complex development problems. Namely, I have worked as an environment and development consultant for international organisations such as the World Bank; African Development Bank; UN; and several other international agencies, and national Government.

I possess significant in-country research and consultancy experience in a number of West African countries including Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.

Since September 2015, I have been involved with setting up the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) where I am the Co-Director leading the Urban Livelihoods and Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK) programmes in Freetown. SLURC, in collaboration with UCL, which aims to generate capacity-building as well as research initiatives in cities across Sierra Leone, providing a critical platform for our KNOW-related research programmes.

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