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Dialogues in Urban Equality #8 Video 

In the eighth KNOW Dialogues in Urban Equality, we were re-thinking prosperity. 

This month we focused on metrics as powerful forms of urban knowledge and the role they play in shaping how prosperity and inequality are conceptualised, measured and acted on in cities. We asked our two guests - renowned scholars who have taken radically different approaches to developing new prosperity and inequality metrics – to offer critical reflections on metrics as a form of urban governance. Our speakers explored scope for the co-production of metrics with city stakeholders - citizens, communities, governments, NGOs and business – and what new forms of knowledge can contribute to pathways to equality.

  •  Prof Henrietta L. Moore
    The Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP), 

  •  Dr Jose Gabriel Palma
    Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University.

  • (Chair) Caren Levy, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit UCL

Dialogues in Urban Equality #7 Video 
Practising Ethical Research in the Urban Global South

Practising Ethical Research in the Urban Global South' is a film made in 2015 by DPU researchers and their partners for ‘Practising Ethics’, a Bartlett-funded conference chaired by Professor Jane Rendell for the Bartlett Ethics Commission.


The video was curated by Prof. Adriana Allen, Dr Michael Walls and Matt Wood-Hill. Through a series of interviews with colleagues in Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Peru and Bolivia, various challenges are raised, specifically: relationships between researchers and participants; interpersonal sensitivities; the wider consequences of ethical practice beyond research, and how to build ethics into work.

The films critical lens into ethical practice beyond research, is helping shape the objectives, outputs, and approach of of the Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality, Work Package 3, led by Jane Rendell.

Allen, A., Walls, M. and Wood-Hill, M. (2015) Practising Ethical Research in the Urban Global South. The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London.

Dialogues in Urban Equality #5 Video 

In the fifth KNOW Dialogues in Urban Equality, we un-pack urban extreme poverty with an expert panel 

We asked, in the struggle for fairer and more equal cities, urban extreme poverty remains a fundamental and intractable challenge. In the past thirty years, global poverty has decreased significantly. But global trends hide important variations within and between countries and regions; within and between urban and rural contexts. We asked three renowned scholars on the subject of urban poverty to reflect on the changeable and changing nature of urban extreme poverty including: 

Dialogues in Urban Equality #3 Video

In the third Dialogues, we discussed Planning Education, re-framing urban pedagogies. 


Our discussants interrogated pedagogies that facilitate co-learning and the co-production of knowledge at different scales with multiple actors from the government, the private sector, academia, and civil society. 


Our discussants included: 

  • Prof Adriana Allen (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL)

  •  Prof Elaine Unterhalter (UCL Institute for Education) 

  • Lorena Zárate(President of Habitat International Coalition (HIC)

  •  Gautam Bhan (Indian Institute for Human Settlements) 


Dialogues in Urban Equality #2 Video  

In the second Dialogues, we discussed  'Co-producing the city: By who, and for whom?'

Our discussants were asked what is the role of co-production in making cities more equal? And what knowledges, actors, and processes are required?


The discussion was chaired by
Dr Camila Cociña with discussions and slides from:

Prof Vanesa Castán Broto

Dr Barbara Lipietz

Dr Catalina Ortiz


Dialogues in Urban Equality #1 Video  

In the first Dialogues, we discussed  'Climate Resilience; managing disaster risk as an intrinsic part of urban life' with Dr. Cassidy Johnson 



Cities across low-and middle-income countries are considered particularly susceptible to climate change and expect higher frequencies and intensities of hazard events. However, urban dwellers see these potential disasters not as their greatest threat, but rather an amplification of their daily struggles like inadequate infrastructure and tenure insecurity. This talk will explore the challenges and opportunities that an ‘urban equality’ lens can bring to the debate of making cities resilient to climate change. It will examine caveats of risk and relocation strategies and advocate anticipatory approaches to integrate current and future risk into urban development, land use and urban planning.


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