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Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality is funded by UKRI through the Global Challenges Research Fund GROW Call, and led by The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL. 

Joseph Macarthy

City Lead for Freetown
Sierra Leone 

Sierra Leone Urban

Resource Centre



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I am one of the KNOW Research Leads for Freetown where SLURC is implementing a programme entitled, 'City-wide learning platform in planning equitable urban development in Freetown'.


I hold a PhD in Urban Planning and Management from Newcastle University (UK). Trained and qualified as an urban planner, I specialise in management and urban planning for climate change adaptation. Apart from lecturing at Njala University, I also Co-direct the Comic Relief and DFID funded Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC).


My research interest is centred around urban planning, housing, urban vulnerability and public policy. I have co-authored a number of research articles including: “Understanding Freetown’s Urban Development” (2017) and “Towards Meeting the Knowledge and Capacity Building Gaps for Equitable Urban Development in Freetown” (2016).


Outside of the university, I have held a number of managerial positions with valuable experiences to bring to the KNOW project. These include serving as a local consultant to the EU-funded Urban Planning Project for Freetown (in 2013), as well as providing volunteer service to the UNDP as a member of the National Steering Committee (NSC) of the Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Sierra Leone.

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