Priya Singh

WP5- IIHS Researcher

Multiplying Translocal Learning in Higher Education 

Indian Institute of
Human Settlements (IIHS) 

I work as a researcher at IIHS, working on the Learner Trajectory research stream as part of Work Package 5.  The rersearch trajectory seeks to understand how learners (student and alumni) engaged with their curriculum and with the notions of equality and equity in doing so.

I did the Young India Fellowship, a post-graduate diploma in Liberal Studies from Ashoka University. I have a Master’s degree in Geography with specialisation in Development and Planning from Presidency University, Kolkata. I did my under graduation in Geography from Loreto College, University of Calcutta.

My post-graduation dissertation focused on understanding the extent of pseudo urbanisation in eastern wards of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. During the course of my academics, I have done extensive fieldwork and projects which aimed at understanding inclusivity, sustainability, and development in both rural and urban areas. I have worked and volunteered with non-profit social organisations that work towards empowering women and kids from less privileged communities by providing them with life skills and knowledge.


At IIHS my responsibilities include supporting desk research, fieldwork logistics, data collection, analysis and dissemination, assisting with logistical support and contributing to affiliated research streams within the project.

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