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David Heymann

KNOW Communications ​

Primary Management Team 

Bartlett DPU, UCL

I am the communications lead and your first point of contact for the Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality programme, where I implement and manage our internal communications and external outreach. 


I have over nine years’ professional experience grounded in urban design, participatory practice, and localised engagement.


Trained originally as a landscape architect in Melbourne, I've worked in universities, the not-for-profit sector, and government authorities; through a cross-disciplinary focused agenda on community and participatory engagement. To this end, I specialise in collaborative processes which bring together people, design, management, and consultancy skills to provide localised communications with a nuanced global outreach. 


Having worked in numerous countries in both the global North and South, I am incredibly passionate about making change, building resilience, and creating more equitable futures. 


l am here as your first point of contact for the KNOW Programme as we work together to shape pathways to urban equality to create fairer cities for all.  

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