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Daniel Oviedo

Project Manager 

Primary Management Team 

Bartlett DPU, UCL

I am a Civil engineer by training with a

Masters in Transport Planning and a PhD in Development Planning. I have worked as researcher and lecturer in transport and development both in the UK and overseas and currently, project manage the KNOW programme part-time.


My experience in research and consultancy in projects related to urban and interurban transport focuses mainly on cities in the global South, having worked in projects in Latin America, Africa, and India. I specialise in the social, economic and spatial analysis of inequalities related to urban transport and policy evaluation in developing countries.


My research seeks to advance existing knowledge and evidence on transport, poverty, and inequality in cities of the global south, contesting and stretching current understanding of social implications of urban transport development for vulnerable populations in cities. As transport continues occupying an increasingly determinant role in developing effective cities, concerns on issues of social and spatial inequalities will be fundamental to the well-being and economic opportunities of all urban citizens.


Recent research I have been involved in explore the links between transport and social exclusion, equitable cycling infrastructure planning and the relationships between urban transport and well-being.

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