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Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality is funded by UKRI through the Global Challenges Research Fund GROW Call, and led by The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL. 

Braima Koroma

City partner Freetown
Sierra Leone 

Sierra Leone Urban

Resource Centre (SLURC)

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I am one of the city lead partner researchers for Freetown as part of KNOW Work Package 1, City Knowledge Co-Production.


I am an environmental management and sustainable development specialist at the Institute of Geography and Development Studies, School of Environmental Sciences, Njala University, where I teach at both the BSC and MSc/MA level.


My key areas of research interests include livelihoods and the city economy, resilience, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change. I also have an interest in urban planning and development, environmental management, and development impact evaluation.


I hold over 12 years’ experience in research, training, and facilitation. I’ve consulted for projects on a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary research to examine complex development problems. Namely, I have worked as an environment and development consultant for international organisations such as the World Bank; African Development Bank; UN; and several other international agencies, and national Government.


I possess significant in-country research and consultancy experience in a number of West African countries including Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.


Since September 2015, I have been involved with setting up the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC) where I am the Co-Director leading the Urban Livelihoods and Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK) programmes in Freetown. SLURC, in collaboration with UCL, which aims to generate capacity-building as well as research initiatives in cities across Sierra Leone, providing a critical platform for our KNOW-related research programmes. 

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